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Cloud Infra Setup

Reach new heights of optimization with our scalable cloud solutions

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Achieve Engineering Excellence with powerful cloud infrastructure

Cloud computing has become the new industry norm, completely transforming businesses with its effortless scalability, high performance, and unremitting availability.

A well-designed cloud infrastructure is now essential for any application to run at scale. If you are looking to set up a robust & secure cloud infrastructure for your applications that is fast, high-performing, and reliable then you have come to the right place. Exper Labs has all the capabilities you would need to build, run, and scale cloud applications and data platforms.

Our team of well-experienced personnel will provide you with an array of scalable solutions for saving and optimizing your resources. In addition to integrating the application and setting up a high-availability infrastructure, the team at Exper Labs also provides maintenance services for the cloud solution. By implementing the DevOps model, our team designs a next-generation cloud that runs any application faster and more efficiently, ensuring no downtime.

Achieve Engineering Excellence

What We Do

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Scalable Architecture

We create architectures that scale and adapt as your business grows to meet the demands of your consumers.

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Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

We believe in fast development and setting up a robust CI/CD pipeline to give us the ability to deploy and integrate the feature that you want in a consistent and automated way.

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Auto Scaling

We employ auto-scaling to handle traffic spikes, making your system more robust and giving your consumers a more satisfactory experience.

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On-Demand Computing – Cloud Functions

We maintain the privacy and security of our clients by incorporating end-to-end encryption into our websites to safeguard their valuable & private data.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs are one of the most essential parts of delivering a quality experience. We use AWS CloudFront, Cloud CDN, and Azure CDN to ensure the best user experience.

Use Cases

System Integrations
Sending & Receiving Data
Enterprise Application Migration
Database Migration

Cloud Solution Providers

By understanding the business impact of cloud services and backing up your workflow with thorough technical guidance, you can migrate your software to the cloud securely, without any risks. We can help you choose the right cloud platform best suitable for your tech stack.

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