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Mobile Development

Equipped with state-of-the-art industry practices and technological tools, our high-performance mobile app development services help brands design and build superior digital products.

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Run your business with a mobile-first approach.

Exper Labs assists clients in delivering seamless user experiences across all platforms and devices. With goal-oriented software development methodologies backed by an experienced team, we help you throughout the mobile development lifecycle. Whether you want to reach out to your customers or meet the mobile needs of your business, Exper Labs can assist you in unlocking the true potential of mobile technologies.

We have an adroit team of mobile app developers who leverage their decade-long expertise in building high-end solutions that help elevate the brand identity and encourage business growth. Whether you are looking for a consumer-oriented app or an enterprise-level solution, Exper Labs will assist you throughout the app development journey, from idea conception to QA support.

What We Do

Native iOS Apps

We build and deliver superior-performing iOs apps on the basis of native programming languages like Swift and SwiftUI

Native Android Apps

We use platform-specific technologies like Kotlin and Java to build native Android applications of different maturity levels

Cross-Platform Apps

We build high-performance cross-platform apps using React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.

Prototyping & Consulting

Our expert consultants provide meaningful insight on app concept and platform compatibility, along with cost estimations.

Use Cases

Our Process

Creating customizable software solutions requires listening to your client and mapping out a streamlined process to meet their needs. Below is a roadmap of the steps we take in our development process to mold your ideas into stellar digital products.

Technology we Use

Emerging Technologies for your Emerging Needs

We help you harness technologies of the future to boost operational efficiencies, ensure faster time to value, and revolutionize customer care. Our service offering is built around helping you launch and sustain your digital transformation long-term with our outclass use of modern technology.

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Swiftui
  • Flutter
  • React
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What Our Clients Say

We are very impressed with their strong development abilities and cost-effectiveness.

We measured the success by tracking their deliverables and through QA testing, and Exper Labs was able to pass some of our code quality testing, timelines, and milestones to produce great results.

Vadim Tarasov

CEO, Slick Development

Engineers at Exper Labs are incredibly competent and easy to work with, and I would trust them to handle the most sticky and complex issues you could throw at them. In our case, we had a halfway developed smartphone app for both iOS and Android where our original developer had pulled out of the project due to a finance issue on their end, and we needed to bring in a new team to get the app functional. The code we inherited had zero documentation, out of date dependencies, and numerous other issues – and the first guy we brought in gave up after charging an exorbitant amount to stare at the code and do very little. Exper Labs came in and saved the day at a fair price. They’re superstars, and we highly recommend them.

Conchita Franco

Founder, Caromi

I’ve had a very good dialogue with Farhan and his team all throughout the process, with quick response and elaborate feedback. We are very happy with the first version of the app, and will definitely be working with this team again.

Ruben Hansen

Project Manager, Seafarer CV

We had numerous challenges wrt software development including speed of delivery, quality of code and cost.

We worked with Exper Labs to help find a solution that helped us achieve our solution within cost and high quality.

Their project management style is was agile & flexible.

We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to understand unique challenges.

Nauman Jaffar

CEO, Markitech
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