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From Startup to Enterprise, our Custom Software Solutions can help businesses achieve operational optimization across all industries.

With the availability of advanced technologies and cloud computing, possibilities are endless in any business segment.

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Verticals in Which
We Have Created Value

E-Commerce & Retail

We Revolutionize Online Shopping for your Customers by Offering:

Improving Customer Funnel

Our retail software services focus on achieving optimal experience from prospects to converted customers.


Exper Labs helps transform the shopping experience for your customers with specialized and scalable eCommerce & POS solutions.

Integrated Order Management Systems

By providing the right infrastructure to handle post-order operations, we ensure seamless integrations with payment processors, fulfillment centers, shipment companies, and handling returns. We have both technical and business expertise in designing a fully integrated Order Management System.

Better Customer Engagement

With years of domain experience encompassing the entire retail ecosystem, our nimble-fingered retail IT consultants can help you make the most out of your digital and physical sales platforms to take customer experience to a whole next level.


Partner With Us for a Superior, Safer, and Much More Profitable Restaurant Business. Be it an order-taking system for a single restaurant or a fully integrated unified platform for a large chain, we have you covered.

With our flexible and innovative software, you can reap the benefits of:

Online Booking & Ordering

At ExperLabs, we design and build impeccable booking and ordering modules tailored to your business needs. Our dedicated software makes it easier for your customers to place orders and for your staff to process them, enabling a seamless digital food ordering experience and unprecedented convenience for both your customers and staff.

Online Delivery Management

Our expert developers built interoperable and scalable mobile and web apps enriched with fleet management features – including dispatching and route planning – to allow restaurants to make swift and efficient deliveries.

POS-integrated System

We integrate all our custom-tailored mobile and web apps with leading user-centric POS software to seamlessly integrate the point of sale system with your business and help you manage it effectively.

Health Tech

We Build Advanced Digital Products that Address the Needs of Both Medical Organizations and Patients.

Electronic Medical Records

Our cutting-edge EMR software builds capability that facilitates healthcare providers to achieve operational optimization while also allowing patients to easily communicate with their doctors and access their medical records from the comfort of their homes.

TeleHealth Software

At ExperLabs, we aim to expand public access to care by engineering an array of versatile telehealth software that facilitates interactions between healthcare providers and patients through remote consultations, text-based chats, and AI bot-based chats, allowing them to monitor more patients at once.

Experience a digital transformation

We understand the need for data privacy in the healthcare sphere; therefore, our engineers choose renowned hosting servers to provide a HIPAA-compliant foundation for your custom software mobile apps and web portals. By employing state-of-the-art practices, we ensure your systems are fully secure and your confidential information is protected.