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Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Convert More Shoppers With Seamless Salesforce Commerce Cloud Solutions

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Deliver a premium shopping experience to your customers with a single, agile commerce platform built on the world’s #1 CRM.

With its plethora of out-of-the-box features, tools, and commerce portals, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has become the undisputed leader in the domain of CRM services. The unified cloud-based platform offers a myriad of leading-edge technology services that empower you to streamline the purchasing process, customize the buying experience, and deliver a mobile-friendly shopping experience.

Exper Labs leverages all the robust features Salesforce Commerce Cloud has to offer to help you launch advanced and future-ready websites, unlock revenue across multiple channels, and accomplish the “Commerce anywhere” goal. Our expert team is armed with all the knowledge and expertise you need to build better digital commerce experiences across multiple business units and multiple touchpoints.

Salesforce B2C

Experience frictionless transactions across every touchpoint

Salesforce offers a rich set of capabilities indispensable for every big-scale B2C organization looking to offer premium buying experiences across various channels for its customers. It covers merchandising, AI technology, fulfillment, and promotions to help businesses run with higher scalability and with greater revenue generation. It also masters mobile commerce with an open development environment and a full suite of mobile-first capabilities, including one-touch payment, responsive design, and data-driven mobile UX.

Services We Offer

01 New Stores Setup

Unlock all the capabilities of the Salesforce platform by getting an eCommerce store designed to fit the needs of your business and industry. We set up new eCommerce stores from scratch including storefronts, product publishing, order management, customer management, etc.

02 Salesforce Reference Architecture

Safely migrate your existing stores to Salesforce Reference Architecture from Pipeline or Controllers to stay up to date. We provide services to help securely transfer all your data, minimize work disruptions, and speed up user adoption.

03 Mobile Commerce App

Get a mobile app for your eCommerce store to boost your sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Our team develops native iOS & Android apps built using Salesforce Open Commerce APIs giving your customers the same experience across desktop and mobile.

Salesforce B2B

Unify your complete customer journey with an eCommerce platform that is agile, scalable, and future-ready

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers intuitive, easy-to-use eCommerce features tailored to meet the complex needs of B2B businesses. With Salesforce B2B solutions, you have the freedom to create fully customized shopping experiences for your customers and maximize your online growth. You can make every B2B interaction seamless and augment business operations by connecting the commerce, CRM, and marketing cloud on a unified platform for a single view of the customer.



Fast fashion brand for women plus size clothing. It got acquired by Walmart in 2018.

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What Our Clients Say

We are very impressed with their strong development abilities and cost-effectiveness.

We measured the success by tracking their deliverables and through QA testing, and Exper Labs was able to pass some of our code quality testing, timelines, and milestones to produce great results.

Vadim Tarasov

CEO, Slick Development

Engineers at Exper Labs are incredibly competent and easy to work with, and I would trust them to handle the most sticky and complex issues you could throw at them. In our case, we had a halfway developed smartphone app for both iOS and Android where our original developer had pulled out of the project due to a finance issue on their end, and we needed to bring in a new team to get the app functional. The code we inherited had zero documentation, out of date dependencies, and numerous other issues – and the first guy we brought in gave up after charging an exorbitant amount to stare at the code and do very little. Exper Labs came in and saved the day at a fair price. They’re superstars, and we highly recommend them.

Conchita Franco

Founder, Caromi

I’ve had a very good dialogue with Farhan and his team all throughout the process, with quick response and elaborate feedback. We are very happy with the first version of the app, and will definitely be working with this team again.

Ruben Hansen

Project Manager, Seafarer CV

We had numerous challenges wrt software development including speed of delivery, quality of code and cost.

We worked with Exper Labs to help find a solution that helped us achieve our solution within cost and high quality.

Their project management style is was agile & flexible.

We were impressed with their responsiveness and ability to understand unique challenges.

Nauman Jaffar

CEO, Markitech
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